Outstanding, unpaid debts affect your bottom line and can burden your cash flow. It’s important to get what you’re owed, before you’re forced to write down the debt and send it off to a collection agency. Oakley & Oakley LLC works with hospitals, rental associations, landlords and other businesses, to collect the debt owed to them in full.

As an established collection law attorney in Lexington, KY, we’re ready to represent you. We work to secure the debt to the fullest amount, so you’re not selling it to collections at a fraction of the price.

  • Debt collections:
    From delinquent lines of credit to unpaid medical bills, debt comes in many forms. If you need a partner dedicated to recovering lost funds through legal action, we’re your all-in-one collections and medical debt attorney in Lexington, KY. We pursue your invoices in the fullest amount.
  • Judgements:
    After a legal judgement is rendered it must be recouped. We serve as a judgment collection lawyer in Lexington, KY, ensuring judgements are collected where owed, and that there’s no default in the wake of a sound legal outcome. From alimony to specified reparations, we make sure you get what you’re owed.
  • Overdue accounts receivable:
    Have partners with over-extended lines of credit? Problems with unpaid invoices? We can step in and remedy your accounts receivable situation under the threat of legal action. We know your cash flow and business’ health depends on it.
  • Rent collections:
    Have delinquent tenants? Unpaid dues and fees? We work with landlords and rental agencies to secure rent and other fees owed by tenants. We work within the confines of the legal system to ensure you’re taking fair and decisive legal action against delinquent individuals.

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Oakley & Oakley LLC has a history of working with businesses throughout the area to secure debts owed to them. We understand the imposition you’re put in and work hard to remedy it for you through aggressive legal action. If you’re tired of debtors weighing down your balance sheet, contact us today at 859-254-4035. We’ll help you get what you’re owed, so you can get back to business.

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