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Are you facing criminal homicide charges in Lexington, Kentucky? You are likely and understandably feeling overwhelmed. It can be tempting to give up hope when faced with homicide charges and the harsh range of possible sentences – including jail time and a felony on your permanent criminal record. You will need the Lexington homicide lawyers at Oakley & Oakley, LLC, on your team to fight a possible conviction. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to stay strong during this difficult time and fight these charges. We can help. Call our law office to arrange a free consultation to get started.

How Our Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help If You’re Charged With Homicide

How Our Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help If You’re Charged With Homicide

A homicide conviction can ruin a person’s life, family, and career. A conviction can strip you of your freedom for the rest of your life, or even result in the death penalty in the Commonwealth. You’ll face the harshest penalties if you do not have competent representation in the courtroom.

Which Lexington criminal defense attorney you choose to represent you in court can often determine how your case unfolds, whether you’re able to negotiate a favorable plea, or even win a verdict at trial. The attorneys at Oakley & Oakley, LLC have the reputation, skill, and knowledge to provide you with excellent representation. Homicide is an incredibly serious charge and you cannot afford to risk your life to a less competent firm.

When you hire our law firm, we will:

  • Coordinate a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding your alleged crime
  • Identify all potential lines of defense, including establishing an alibi or attacking the credibility of the state’s witnesses and/or evidence
  • Determine if your rights have been violated in any way
  • Handle all communications with the state prosecutor, including plea negotiations
  • Argue your case before a jury of your peers, if necessary.

At Oakley & Oakley, LLC, we have years of experience fighting on behalf of clients facing homicide charges. Let us put everything we know to work for you. Your first consultation is free, so give us a call to get started today.

Overview of Homicide Charges in Kentucky

The term “homicide” covers a vast group of violent criminal charges – including murder, manslaughter, or attempted murder. These charges differ based on the severity and intention of the crime. 

Homicide laws are full of many gray areas – meaning that a specific incident could fall into one or more categories. It’s important to work to reduce the severity of the charges you face. 


Murder is the most serious type of homicide. If it is proven that the death of an individual was intentional and premeditated, the accused could face a conviction for a Class A Felony.

A Class A Felony is the most serious criminal offense in the state of Kentucky and can result in a sentence of twenty-five years to life in prison.

Penalties tend to be the harshest if the homicide occurs during a sexual assault, kidnapping, or robbery. If a police officer is killed during the incident, the accused could face the death penalty.

Voluntary/Involuntary Manslaughter

The primary difference between murder and manslaughter is intent. Murder is an intentional, malicious killing. Manslaughter is either (a) intentional but not premeditated, or (b) unintentional and the result of reckless behavior.

Voluntary manslaughter is an intentional killing, but one that is not premeditated. Rather, it’s often a consequence of an act in the heat of the moment – like an argument that takes a terrible turn.

In Kentucky, voluntary manslaughter, or first-degree manslaughter, is a Class B Felony. A conviction carries a possibility of 10 to 20 years in state prison.

Involuntary manslaughter is typically the result of negligence. It means that causing an individual’s death was unintentional, but the injury inflicted resulted in death. In Kentucky, involuntary manslaughter, or second-degree manslaughter, is a Class C Felony. A conviction carries the possibility of 5 to 10 years in prison.

Reckless Homicide

This is a lesser charge in a homicide case. Reckless homicide means that the accused acted recklessly and it resulted in the death of another. The death of the individual was not intentional. This is a Class D felony and means facing one to five years in prison.

Justifiable Homicide

The argument of justifiable homicide is a gray area in Kentucky. Lines are thin and often overlap between manslaughter, reckless homicide, and justifiable homicide. If one can prove that their actions were in self-defense or their life in immediate danger, charges could be dropped or reduced.

Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is an unsuccessful attempt to kill an individual or cause serious, life-threatening injury to another. This is a Class B felony and carries a sentence of ten to twenty years in prison.

Defending Murder Charges in Lexington, KY

Just because you’ve been accused of or arrested for homicide in Lexington, KY doesn’t mean your future is over. The state of Kentucky has to prove that you are guilty, and prosecutors must establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s an incredibly high standard. And, you have the right to defend yourself and make it as difficult as possible for the state to satisfy its burden.

At Oakley & Oakley, LLC, or Lexington homicide defense lawyers will help you mount the strongest possible defense. We’ll conduct a careful investigation and assert any argument that might be beneficial to you. This can include arguing:

  • False allegations
  • Mistaken identity
  • Lack of required intent for the specific charge
  • You acted in defense of yourself or a third person
  • You acted under force or duress
  • The state has insufficient evidence to support the charges
  • Witnesses presented by the state are unreliable or unbelievable
  • Your rights have been violated in some way

We won’t just raise arguments that offer douvbt about your guilt. Our defense attorneys will also go on the offensive and attack the state’s case. We’ll identify weaknesses and attempt to leverage those in your favor. 

Wrongful Imprisonment and Exonerations

The Kentucky Innocence Project (KIP) works with local law students to help innocent people convicted and serving time in prison get their freedom. Law students review evidence, testimony, and are able to use modern forensic methods that may not have been available at the time of the conviction. Since the project began, twelve innocent men and women have been released from prison for various homicides. Causes of wrongful imprisonment include:

  •  Inaccurate Eyewitness Accounts
  • False Confessions
  • Improper Forensic Handling
  • Unreliable Informants
  • Inadequate Lawyers

How these wrongful convictions occur could be a result of racial bias, corrupt personnel, or intimidation by authority figures. No matter the reason, the possibility of a wrongful conviction exists, and you need a law firm that can recognize and ferret out illegal and improper abuse of authority. 

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You do not have to face these charges alone. If you are up against charges pertaining to any homicide-related crime, you need to contact us immediately. Your future depends on your representation inside and outside the courtroom. The Lexington homicide lawyers at Oakley & Oakley, LLC are knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law. 

We are experienced trial attorneys, and if the prosecution does not offer a fair plea deal, we are ready to take your case to a jury. Who you choose to represent you will determine whether you are convicted and how long you will serve in jail. 

We will thoroughly review the evidence, witnesses, testimonies, and do everything in our power to ensure the most positive outcome in your case. We are always focused on our clients’ best interests and treat each client like our only client. Call our law office today to discuss your case. You can count on us to fight for you.